About Us

It’s time for a new beginning. Welcome to a whole new digital universe dedicated to people who make music, love music, breathe music and want to come together and share. 

Welcome to ThePurpleVision...

We believe in the power of art to change people’s lives. We believe artists should be protected from exploitation. This is a complete entertainment solution for artists and listeners, focused on music, video and philanthropy.

ThePurpleVision builds a bridge between established and new voices. It serves as a streaming, marketing and social arena for independent artists and fans worldwide, which will include digital media and physical peer2peer distribution. How art is created and consumed will continue to evolve, and ThePurpleVision will be at the forefront of these developments. We pledge to listen to our artists and members, and react fast to fulfil their different needs.

We’re in this together as a collective.

By providing all the necessary tools to sell, stream, market and connect directly not just to their fan base but music lovers with a wide range of interests, ThePurpleVision puts artists in charge of their own destinies, away from the oppressive control of industry dominating forces. Artists also take 100% of any merchandise sales through the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) portal.

There will also be the ability to sell and distribute physical merchandise through a P2P management portal and participate in physical events through the exclusive “ThePurpleVisionLIVE!” concert series.

Other ‘planets’ will soon follow, expanding our focus to film, visual arts and written works.

Join us, and be part of the movement…

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