With persistence and diligence Dame is making his way in the music industry. Respected for his eclectic pocket, production and feel, the singer/songwriter/producer/ is extremely versatile. You’ll hear influences of a variety of musical genres including Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Gospel. His work has landed him countless session and production work with a long list of artists. Dame has toured in over 4 continents and his solo music has reached people all over the world. He has worked with a long list of artists including Los Rakas, LeVICE, Martin Luther, Marcus Machado, Uriah Duffy, Aisha Fukushima, Shapeshifter, DaM-FunK, Kev Choice, Conya Doss, Alvin Frazier, Myron, Mugpush, DJ Teeko, Sarah's Girl, Fantastic Negrito, Liv Warfield and the list goes on. Dame just released his full length LP entitled "Loveolution". Loveolution is the the divine solution to the pain and suffering amongst the community that Dame identifies with the most; The Meek, Poor and Oppressed.