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Cuzoh & Ghostwater Reveal Collaboration

4 September 2018

When Ambassador Artist Cuzoh wrapped up his set at ThePurpleVision’s launch party in London earlier this year, he struck up a conversation with another one of our artists who happened to be in the audience - Ghostwater - and the two performers past the time talking about what they know best: making music. 

Back in NYC, a couple of days later, Cuzoh remembered this encounter, and logged on to to check out Ghostwater’s profile. He listened to a few tracks and clearly liked what he heard, because soon enough he sent a message to Ghostwater on the platform. After a little back and forth, Cuzoh let him know the thought that was running through his mind: each loved what the other was doing creatively, so why not work together?
Fast forward a few weeks later and Ghostwater is in London mixing his new single, featuring Cuzoh on on two verses. A true testament to what ThePurpleVision core mission, bringing artists together to make great things happen!
No word yet on a release date, but we’re as excited as you are to listen to the results of this collaboration. Log in to, and check out Ghostwater and Cuzoh’s profiles for updates!