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StreetTeam Reviews "Golden Child" Musical

6 December 2018

Held at one of LA's cultural monuments The Exchange LA, formerly known as the Los Angeles Stock Exchange was the place to be last night. Judith Hill performed a very funky and creative show.  Last night's event was more then a concert of sorts, it was a musical journey through Judith's two albums "Back In Time" and her latest release "Golden Child". All proceeds of the show were donated to the GO Campaign, a nonprofit organization based in Santa Monica, California working alongside other organizations to support children all over the world and create change.  

The stage was set up with the band on both sides of the main stage where dancers/characters and Judith would move to the music and rhythms of the songs.  The show started with a narrative voice, while a little girl, dressed in gold, took center stage reading her book. The narrative voice explained of the child going through life and learning of the world.... visual effects began to come up like speeding lights... and Judith Hill takes to the stage and starts singing "The Pepper Club" along with her band.
Meanwhile a group of people join her on stage with a playfully choreographed performance throughout the entire evening.  Judith not only shows off her vocal talents, she also performs on the keyboards and guitar in many songs! Her band sounds really tight and the horns are definitely sharp.  Of course, her mom went to town on the keyboards on her solos!  Hearing these songs live is so much better then listening to the CD.  Judith sings effortlessly throughout the show. Her songs create a background to the story that unfolds on stage. At one point all the characters are having fun, then a dark entity comes to bring mayhem, anger, judgement, violence and sadness. A video plays above the stage, where the characters on stage see their child-self and remember what it was to be young, to be free, to be human. The dark entity is defeated and joy returns to the stage.
It was definitely hard to sit throughout the whole show without the need to get up and dance!!! All in all, Judith KILLED IT last night with her show and her message of LOVE and what we really need to do in a world that is losing touch with its own humanity.  
Set List:
1) The Pepper Club
2) You Can't Blame Me
3) Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (snippet)
4) Higher (snippet)
5) Turn Up
6) My People
7) Queen of The Hill
8) Chasing Rainbows
9) Why Can't You Love Me
10) Broken Mirror
11) Golden Child
12) As Trains Go By
13) I Can Only Love You By Fire
14) Irreplaceable Love
15) We Are One
16) Cry, Cry, Cry
17) Jammin' In The Basement