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Centric Introduces: "Gutta Rap"

1 August 2018
It was about that time. It had been a while since I released any material that wasn't Grand Opus related, so I figured I'd put something together for the real Hip-Hop heads who appreciate that vintage sound. I wanted to change it up from the enlightening softer side and put something out there for the hoods of America. The mood was already set from an instrumental I had made about two years ago. I had named the instrumental "Gutta Rap", which as you know became the official title of the song. 
I wanted the vocals to match the energy of the beat, so I reached out to Lil Fame, which happens to be 1/2 of one of my all time favorite Hip-Hop groups...M.O.P 
Lil Fame liked the beat and insisted that we talk over the phone. He got straight to the point and was ready to knock his part out the park. A few days passed and the chorus was done. I loved was perfect. "Gutta" and full of energy. 
Now for the verses. I always wanted to do a song with Heltah Skeltah (Sean Price & Rockness). I never got that opportunity, but was able to have the late great Sean Price bless me with a feature for a record I put out a few years ago. With that being said, I figured it was only right that I Big Rock to start the track off. Not to mention he has that infectious voice that just grabs you...perfect for this type of song. I reached out to his management and they told me that he would be totally down to work. I sent over the materials and after about a week his verse was done. I loved it...couldn't have been better. 
I needed one more MC. I thought about myself, but decided to go with my old friend J.Gunn aka Joshua Gunn. Some probably remember him from the North Carolina group "Thyrday", but most probably know him from his recent appearance on BET's "Hip-Hop" moguls with Dame Dash. Gunn has always spit flames as far back as I can remember. I knew he would give me nothing less. Gunn was juiced and sent over his verse in a matter of days. The meat of the song was done, but I needed a little flare at the end. I decided to reach out to another good friend of mine...DJ FlipFlop. He's a well known DJ who has showcased his skills all over the world. I knew that he could provide me with the finishing touches.
I set up a date for mixing and mastering and next thing you know..."Gutta Rap" was ready.
"Gutta Rap" is now available to stream on Soundcloud and to purchase on iTunes. Thank you and enjoy. 
- Centric