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StreetTeam Review: Janelle Monae's Dirty Computer Tour

23 July 2018

Janelle Monae brought her Dirty Computer Tour to The Anthem in Washington, D.C. and took us on a funky futuristic ride. Walking into the venue you could tell by the crowd that this show was going to be special. Her audience reflected her music. We were a rainbow of nationalities, sexualites and ages donned in everything from cut-offs to suits to avant-garde, all brought together by the Black and White Icon, herself.

Her music uplifted us. She opened with “Screwed”, a liberating, doomsday, anti-establishment groove, that is a  lyrical descendant of 1999. Janelle brought the thunder with the empowering “Django Jane” and flexed her vocals on The Electric Lady’s “Prime Time” which ended in a heartfelt tribute to her friend, Prince. We waved our flags to “PYNK” then dropped our booties to that “Yoga”. She gave us slick dance moves that were a Michael Jackson, Cyborg, Prince menage-a-trois. The energy was high as she and her bad ass dance squad welcomed some lucky “Fandroids” on stage to let loose and show they had “The Juice”. We all clapped and sang along as Janelle ended with her ArchAndroid hit, “Tightrope”. During the encore, the crowd was wonderstruck as Janelle filled the room with images of protest and belted with so much emotion, “So Afraid”. She closed by bringing us all together to celebrate our differences, as well as something many of us had in common, being “Americans”.


Janelle Monae’s show is a next-dimension experience that every music lover must see. The North American Dirty Computer Tour runs through 8/4 where it closes out in her hometown, Atlanta, Georgia (that show is guaranteed to be BANANA SANDWICHES!) then picks up this September in Europe. If you’re unable to witness her stellar show you can get your Dirty Computer fix by watching her mini movie “emotion picture” at

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- Purple Polytix

Meet the StreetTeam: Erica Washington, aka Purple Polytix, is a free-spirited dancer, teacher and yogi from the Washington, D.C. area. In her spare time, Erica enjoys traveling and losing herself in the sounds of live music. She is especially passionate about supporting and promoting real music by real musicians.