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Judith Hill Releases "Golden Child"

13 November 2018

After teasing fans with her track "The Pepper Club" - described as "an addictive chunk of horn-laden funk with an infectious chorus" - over the summer, Judith Hill has finally released her long-anticipated new album, "Golden Child", and we're excited to announce that PurpleVision subscriber's can listen to the album in its entirety.

Hill described the concept album as autobiographical:

"It was stuff that I was writing and feeling in my heart," she says, but without giving too much away. "I realised that the story was a common one that was itching to be told. I also wrote a play to go along with it." She discloses that the album will be premiered in Los Angeles as a lavish and ambitious stage extravaganza with hints of Cirque Du Soleil. "It will be a stage play combined with a ballet and live concert experience," she says, "where the stories are being told from the perspective of the dancers. The dancers are the characters that are telling the story, much like a ballet, like 'The Nutcracker' and 'Swan Lake,' but this time it's a funk concert version of that."

You can read the rest of the interview, or if you just can't wait to listen to it, click here.


1. Golden Child

2. Hey Stranger

3. You Can't Blame Me

4. The Pepper Club

5. Irreplaceable Love

6. Chasing Rainbows

7. I Can Only Love You By Fire

8. Gypsy Lover

9. Queen of the Hill

10. The Golden Circle

11. We Are One