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Marcus Anderson Interview

26 January 2019
I would like to thank Marcus Anderson for the time he gave me to interview via Instagram. Marcus took the time after a long soundcheck to do this interview and here are the highlights:

Tell us about the Jazz and Coffee Escape Festival.  Where did the idea come from? And what's it like to go from plyaing in festivals, to organising one?       

Marcus noted there are several musicians he knows of who have their own line of products and he thought of an idea of bringing people to Asheville, NC for a festival and that’s where the Jazz and Coffee idea came about.  He is super excited about the event which is debuting this year Aug 16-17 2019, and escape in the mountains of Asheville, NC….at the Diana Wortham Theater.                                                                 

You play a range of venues, from large scale festivals to smaller clubs.  Do you prefer one over the other? Do audiences respond in different ways depending on where they hear the music? 

Marcus stated there are differences in playing at small and large scale venues. He noted the intimacy in playing at smaller venues and that he doesn’t like to make eye contact with the audience, because he is, believe it or not, a very shy person.                                                                                                            3

Who inspired you to pick up a saxophone?                                                                                                                                                                             

Marcus said his father had an epiphany of him becoming a sax player in his future and it became a reality. He credits his father’s belief in him.                     

You've worked a lot with Prince over the years, as well as a number of artists that were part of his professional circle (Judith Hill, Liv Warfield, Esperanza Spalding, etc) When you're with these people in the years since his passing, does it fell like you're part of a community? Are there any lessons you've taken from your time working with him that have stayed with you?             

Marcus does feel a sense of community with those who he has met along the way.  There is a connection.  There was a time of mourning for him, yet after, the great memories are held dear to him and are truly cherished. During the days when Prince had the Paisley Parties, Marcus would be out there dancing and meeting Purple Fam.  He continues to meet so many Purple Fam and loves the Prince's Purple Army!

In addition to the Jazz and Coffee Escape Festival, what can we expect from Marcus Anderson in 2019?

Marcus didn’t want to reveal too much of what’s in store for him in 2019.  We will just need to stay tuned!! Check out his website:

I enjoyed having the opportunity to interview Marcus. He's a very friendly and approachable person. I'm very honored to have done this interview and look forward for all his adventures in his musical journey this year and beyond!
- Angela