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StreetTeam Reviews Judith Hill

22 January 2019

This is a personal letter/review to Judith Hill as I left uplifted from her performance in London 16th January 2019.

Judith thank you for coming back to London so soon after performing here last summer, it has been a great kick start to the new year having you grace us with another fantastic performance at 100 Wardour Street in London.

I can’t wait for you to bring back your soulful voice back to this cultivated city and bless us with more of your passion. The performance gave me life literally with the blends of R&B and Gospel infusion with Funk flavour and your voice carries the room to another vicinity. As Prince once said, ‘Free Yourself’, it was nice to finally see you break free releasing your voice, so the people can see and hear you through your music.

Your past doesn’t define your future as its apart of your journey becoming the artist that you are today. Your voice has power creating uplifting positivity oozing out of your performance. I can see the unstoppable influence from the support of your parents by your side as you perform on stage.

I can’t wait to see you to win and grace the world with your talent.

Much Love CC