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Minnesota Timberwolves pay tribute to Prince...

16 November 2018

Tonight at the Target Center, the Timberwolves will debut their Prince-inspired City Edition uniforms in front of a sold-out crowd as they play the Blazers.

The evening is to be a special one, transcending the game and transforming into something more significant and emotional, especially for the locals, many of whom still mourn the loss of their #1 son.

Guard Derrick Rose had this to say after practice earlier in the week, about what it meant to be playing in the Prince jerseys:

“It’s just a blessing man, everything is coming full circle. For me to be a part of this franchise when we have a Prince themed jersey? That’s something that you dream about as a kid,” he said. “I’m a huge fan, my family is too, my older friends are too and I had the blessing of seeing him in concert before he passed in Chicago, so it’s all coming full circle. I’m honored to be here.”

The Jersey's are so in demand right now, even LeBron wants one.