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I’m a hardcore music fan. I love physical media but I also use all the streaming sites and go to two or three gigs a week. Still, with the collapse of so many music magazines, sometimes it’s hard to know where to find new stuff. The algorithms most sites use recommend me music I already know about or the act that has the biggest marketing budget. What excites me about ThePurpleVision is that it’s being created by people who have a passion for a wide variety of music and an eagerness to seek out new talent, as well as a deep respect for the visionary artists who’ve shaped the sound of now. How could I not sign up?!

Matt Thorne Award-winning novelist, screenwriter, critic and author of Prince: The Man and His Music.

ThePurpleVision has given me access to loads of amazing up and coming artists in my area I never would have heard of before. As a massive fan of live music, this website is essential.

Alex Green Independent Artist

The process of marketing myself and capitalising on my art has become easier thanks to ThePurpleVision. Now I can promote a new album, announce a tour, and sell merchandise all from one place.

GhostWater Independent Artist

ThePurpleVision is great for me to build exposure both as a DJ and for my radio station KMOJ and I can use their "Peer-To-Peer" portal to sell directly to my audience in a controlled environment

BroJules Ambassador Artist

Music is my life and I tend to search the web for new artists for inspiration. Most of the platforms I come across lack all the major elements. What I love about ThePurpleVision is that they have managed to create a music platform that is all encompassing. From Interactivity, streaming, merchandise, news, exclusives - you name it. It’s truly a planet of music with much to explore. Shout out to ThePurpleVision team!

Centric Ambassador Artist

I'm so grateful to have the support of ThePurpleVision at my live shows. Their new Street Team really takes the artist-fan relationship to the next level and, by helping promote me to the widest possible audience via social media, it truly consists of the most loyal and dedicated fanbase I could ask for.

Liv Warfield Ambassador Artist